Match me weekend is here!


Match me weekend is here. Be sure to come by Inspiration Lane and do some serious shopping. Whatever amount you spend will be returned to you in coupon form for further shopping. Sound like a deal? It will sound even better when you check out the ton of new releases we have today.

We also have a new designer debuting today. Roseytoes Designs has some fun new products for you. Be sure to stop by her store here.

Last but not least, a preview of my new kit A boy’s Life. Drumroll please . . .

Easter Weekend


It’s Easter weekend and I have some deals for you.

First, all new releases at Inspiration Lane are 20% off this weekend! There are so many goodies to choose from, you won’t know where to start!

Second-and quite a deal! Spend just five dollars in our store and get our new Mega Collab Cafe Vienna FREE!

Third! An Easter egg hunt!

Hope you all make it by to do some shopping and easter egg hunting. Don’t forget to scroll down to my previous post and pick up my Sunshine Studio Scraps blog train freebie-and read about Sun’s new collab grab bag Denim and Daisies-just three bucks!

I can’t wait to take some pictures of my kids with their new Easter goodies and scrap with all the new goodies I picked up this weekend. They are going to be so happy with their surpises this weekend. Hope you all have some fun planned and see you back here on Monday.

Have a good Easter Sunday.


Easter Blog Train


Here’s my contribution and be sure to continue on with the blog train for some more Easter goodies! Looking for the beginning of the train? Stop by the Sun blog!

While I’ve got you’re attention, let me show you something beautiful!

The Sun Collab is out, and it’s just $3. Daisies and Denim will give you endless possibilities for scrapping those spring months. Be sure to stop buy and pick it up, while it’s fresh!

Just one more thing! Everything in my Sunshine Studio Shop is marked down 50% in honor of the coming holiday. This sale will end on April 8th, so be sure to come by before it’s over and pick up some fun kits to scrap with!

Thanks and enjoy the blog train!

Inspiration Lane Announcements


First today, I want to thank all of you who stopped by on the Sun blog train and left some love. It’s always nice to see grateful comments when I give away freebies. Makes me want give more often! Be watching for a new blog train very soon!

Be sure to head on over to Inspiration Lane this weekend for some fantastic sales.

I have a new release tomorrow, as well. Pure Joy is 20% off through the weekend. It has fun paper girl cutouts, beautiful colors, unique ribbons, and fuzzy felt flowers. Don’t miss out!

Teri’s Layout

Bethany’s Layout

Kara’s Layout

Shantel’s Layout

Carol’s Layout

Deb’s Layout

Thanks very much for stopping by today and have a wonderful weekend.

I’ve been tagged!


Cari Cruse tagged me, so here I am to share ten truths about myself.

1. I, too, am a loggers daughter. I grew up in a small town in Northwestern Montana. My dad worked at a sawmill. I also remember him coming home covered in sawdust, smelling of pine, and falling into his easy chair, exhausted. I have four siblings and we always fought over who would unlace his boots. Go figure. LOL. My father hurt his back working the sawmill when I was twelve and we moved to Utah, where I still reside.

2. It’s insane that we have so much in common, Cari. I love candles too, particularly vanilla scented candles. My four-year-old thinks they stink so good! I also love vanilla bubble bath, and starbucks low-fat vanilla lattes. Give me something vanilla and I’ll ❤ you for life! (I also love the smell of playdough-I wish there were playdough scented candles, lol)

3. I love books! I mean loooove them. Especially audio books. My favorite pasttime is listening to an audiobook while I design, and scrap. Some of my favorite authors are Diana Gabaldon, author of the wonderful Outlander books (if Jamie Fraser were real my husband would have some serious competition!). I love Vicki Petterrson’s Signs of the Zodiac series. Her character’s draw me in and I love all the twists and turns her books take. Stephen King is a must have read for me. Horror, supernatural, adventure-and many times apocalyptic themes. What’s not to love? And his characters grab me. Right now I’m reading Desperation. I lurve me some King. Dean Koontz, similiarly, fills his books with horror, supernatural elements, suspense, adventure! His books are long-and he has a lot of them, so I won’t run out! Last on my list (although I could go on and on) is Stephenie Meyer. It’s Twilight, enough said, but I certainly won’t stop there. Love the story-it’s looong-which I love, the character’s are some of my faves, especially Bella. I was also painfully shy in highschool, so I can relate to her. It’s one of those sink-your-teeth-in stories. I loved The Host, as well, my favorite thing about it is that you get to see things through the Alien’s eyes. I can’t wait until she comes out with another must-read!
4. Let’s talk food. I love Jelly Belly’s for their yummy variety. My favorite flavors are Java, buttered popcorn, and Dr. Pepper. Forget flowers-bring me some Jelly Bellys and a book! Love Eclair Cake-it’s no bake (I only cook when absolutely necessary-and sometimes not even then). Pasta Salad (our go-to meal when they’re isn’t anything cooked, I keep cooked pasta in the refridgerator for just this reason). Thai food (out), and Chinese food (again-out). My mother worked in a traditional Chinese restaurant and I grew up on egg-rolls, fried rice, chow mein, and all that yummy stuff. When I do cook it’s usually Beef Pot Roast, Spaghetti, or homemade chicken noodles (which I will cook just because I lurve them, my family loves them-and I’ve never come across a can of good chicken noodles soup, yet. My drinks of choice are Chai Tea and Dr. Pepper.
5. Mooovies! I love story, character-awesome graphics, adventure. My faves are post-apocalyptic movies. I recently saw 2012 and loved it. My favorite TV series are Heroes, Medium and House.
6. I love Autumn. It smells good, the temperature is just right for me. You get to wear cute sweaters, jeans and boots! The leaves are turning golden, and amber and all my favorite colors. Beautiful I wish I could live in the land of perpetual autumn.
7. I love babies. They’re adorable, cuddly, have that “baby” smell and are happy for the most part. They aren’t old enough to rebel, and assert their independence-and mess up the order of things-YET. However much I love babies I do love watching my children develop into who they’re going to be. It’s the best thing in the world.
8. Wow (that’s World of Warcraft for all you non-gamers). Haven’t played it for awhile. I tend to get obsessed and then everything falls down around my ears. My whole family plays. Even the four-year-old is learning-although she’s limited to sleeping, dancing, and eating right now. We all have WoW on our computers so we can play together. I like to play with my kids and hubby. I don’t much get into playing with people I don’t know. Painfully shy, remember? It takes me a while to loosen up and speak, and WoW doesn’t afford me much loosening-up time.
9. I love learning new things. Random bits of trivia. The History Channel, the Science Channel, National Geographic. We just got my eldest daughter a Microscope (she wants to be a biologist), and I think I’m loving it more then she does!
10. I love ART. Anything art related. Especially creative, unique art, where the artist really puts themselves into it, and steps outside there comfort zone. I need to step outside of my comfort zone, too, and I envy people who can do that on a regular basis. I love browsing galleries, real and online. Love Deviant art. Love Corel Painter Magazine, and Adobe Photoshop User. Love Etsy. Love to see people create-and I love to create myself. I could spend all day browsing scrapbooking galleries, and I have, actually. I’m loving a lot today, huh?

Well, that’s me! and I am supposed to pick five other people to tag.

My choices-
Kim (Kim Gehring Designs)
JenY (Jen Yurko Designs)

Can’t wait to see what your ten things are!!!

Sun blog train!


Here’s my contribution and be sure to continue on with the blog train for some more St. Patty’s Day goodness!  Looking for the beginning of the train, and an additional goodie?  Stop by the Sun blog!

The Host


This month at inspiration-lane we’re reading The Host, by Stephenie Meyer.

It’s been described as science fiction for people who don’t read Science Fiction. My favorite part about this book is that you get to see things from the alien’s POV, and she’s a character you can sympathize with. If you love to read, and love to discuss the books, you’ll love this book club! Come and join us at the Inspiration-lane Book Club.

Here’s a link to an interview with Stephenie Meyer discussing The Host with Borders Media.
Stephenie Meyer | Borders Media.

Grand Opening!


Please help me celebrate my grand opening! Check out my new store’s at, and, for lots of discounts and fun this weekend. Who knows-if you check back here between Saturday and Monday night you may just find a few surprises! All of the products going up for sell tomorrow are brand spankin’ new, too.
Tami Miller